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I had a wonderful time at The Collective Bride! The owner, June, was willing to schedule an appointment with me on a day during which they are usually closed. She was so friendly and personable! She was patient with me as I figured out what styles of dresses I actually liked on myself. She talked with my bridesmaids and me about ourselves, personally, as I tried on a plethora of dresses. We felt like family by the time we left the shop! – DEE SUZANNE


I love the ladies here! June has always been great to my family. We bought my prom dress, wedding dress, mother of the bride dress, and bridesmaid’s dresses here! –BECKY BENZEL


The ladies at The Collective Bride are wonderful. I have a wedding to attend in August and I am moving at the end of this month. The bride asked for us to wear a certain color of dress. I walked into The Collective Bride on the last Saturday of May and they were able to call the designer that I love and ask if they had any dresses in the color and size that I needed. The designer had one dress and were able to ship it by the next week. I already have alterations going and they are working hard to be able to get the dress done by the end of this month. They are so wonderful that I have already decided to come and see them for when I get married. No matter where I live. They are the greatest. Thank you. –MELISSA GALLIHER


Great customer service and wonderful selection.  We were given great amounts of attention while trying on MANY different dresses.  We went back a second time after shopping around.  They were happy to accommodate us without an appointment.  Once we found the dress we were given a superb deal and able to keep our $ local!  I would recommend this store over the other local store in a heart beat. –K.W.


Beautiful selection of dresses, higher quality and more unique than the ones you will find at the big stores in Roseville. However, since these are designer dresses they also come with a larger price tag, but this is definitely a case where ‘you get what you pay for’ because you can tell the difference as soon as you put one on. They have sample sales, so that may help if you are on a tighter budget.

The 2 ladies who work in the store are very helpful and friendly. They will be honest with you and tell you what does/doesn’t look good instead of just trying to sell you something. They let me try on as many dresses as I wanted and did not rush me through my appointment after an hour like some stores in Roseville did.

The seamstress Janice is very accommodating, reasonably priced and helped me by completing all alterations within 2 weeks since I was moving.

Check out their Mother of the bride dresses as well. My mom and I had looked all over for dresses for both of us and we were both able to easily find the perfect dresses here. Definitely worth the drive!

I will recommend Collective Bride to any bride or Mother of a bride who is looking for a beautiful dress. SARAH C.


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